Tax Planning

Tax planning should be done when financial decisions are made.

Come Tax Time, it is too late. Call us before you:

  • Buy or lease equipment or other assets
  • Buy or lease vehicles
  • Hire or fire employees
  • Sell stocks or other assets
  • Lease commercial space
  • Buy/Sell a commercial building
  • Buy/Sell a business
  • Substantial Increase/Decrease in income
  • Purchase susbstantial extra inventory
  • Take a business/personal trip
  • Do anything that may impact your business substantially

Life style changes that can greatly impact your tax situation...

  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Birth of a Child
  • Children leaving home
  • Purchase/Sale of a residence
  • Purchase/Sale of a rental property
  • Retirement
  • Taking Social Security
  • Disbursements from IRA, 401(k) or others
  • Estate planning to minimize estate taxes